The Hundred Code

The Hundred Code is an action-crime detective the events of which take place in Sweden and more specifically in the capital Stockholm.
City is in shock after the range of strange crimes that outright scare the locals. Almost every week the police find the body of young girls neatly arranged on a bed of daffodils. Law enforcement authorities very quickly realize that it was the work of a serial maniac and go all out on his capture.

Despite all efforts, they did not manage to get out on the trail of the killer. Then the superior authorities of the country decide to use help of the experienced detective from New York named Tommy Conley, who is a very good specialist in the field of investigation of precisely such cases. Conley is given a position of a consultant of the Swedish police detective Mikael Eklund. Even such a professional tandem do not manage to catch the experienced maniac, because he is very smart and does not leave any evidences that could help in his capture.

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